Comic 371 - Cato 3.9.5
17th Feb 2018, 8:07 PM in Book three, Chapter nine - Greater Good
Cato 3.9.5
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Author Notes:
joeyballast edit delete
Not happy with the last panel. Not as much 'impact' as I wanted. Ah well :)
User comments:
hykez87 edit delete reply
Looks like someone learned a lot from a certain tiger's pouncing. XD
joeyballast edit delete reply
I'd like to think there's a copy of the collected Calvin and Hobbes floating about on the open net in Cato's universe :D
melaredblu edit delete reply
Cato used TACKLE! It's super-effective!
joeyballast edit delete reply
I wish I knew the correct Pokemon response for that ;)

SUPER super effective, though (Nicole strikes me as a small person)
Stever edit delete reply
The fire extinguisher is a multipurpose tool XD
joeyballast edit delete reply
Both defensive AND offensive :)
pkrankow edit delete reply
Maybe try the last panel with some Calvin and Hobbes inspiration.
More than just nearly anonymous feet...