Comic 420 - Cato 3.10.24
9th Dec 2018, 1:48 PM in Book three, Chapter ten - Wyrm
Cato 3.10.24
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Author Notes:
joeyballast edit delete
The sigh of knowing exactly what's coming and not being able to do a damn thing about it.
User comments:
Thracecius (Guest) edit delete reply
You'd think they might, I say, they just MIGHT, want to reconsider spending more time trying to cut open an armored old woman when they're being bombed?

At least Cato listened this time and beat feet away from the ruckus. Now I'm just trying to remember if we've seen anyone before with one red eye that might have it in for this crew of nuckleheads.
Toccatta (Guest) edit delete reply
My guess is that it's Burke. The body shape and hair style are about right, and his bionic eye glows red. You can first see it in page 71 (Cato 5.12)
Thracecius edit delete reply
And now I'm registered and subscribed. :P