Comic 342 - Cato 3.8.6
26th Sep 2017, 3:17 PM in Book three, Chapter eight - Untitled
Cato 3.8.6
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joeyballast edit delete
So much for long and complicated.
User comments:
The Doodler edit delete reply
The Doodler
This page is made entirely of grade-A win.
joeyballast edit delete reply
Thanks! I'm a fan of this page, too. Turned out pretty well.
Saeriellyn edit delete reply
ohmigod, Rhea's face in panel 3.

I feel that expression every day, in...possibly rather parallel circumstances. Not, like, the immobilized in a dead machine part, but the listen-to-two-boys-be-effective-idiots part.

Indeed, a great page. Nice minimalism with the sound effects/dialog. I guess I've never thought about just straight dialog without images...unless it's dark. I'm not sure it would work with my style but it sure works here.
joeyballast edit delete reply
The expression that says 'I don't know what they're doing, but I know that it is not good'.
Spelledeg edit delete reply
I'm all caught up again, and as I re-read through from the beginning I was reminded why this is one of my favorite stories. I love the slow layering you've built and the characterization you do.

Cato and Kyler have developed and deepened as characters and it's soooo good.
joeyballast edit delete reply
That is one hell of a compliment. Thank you. Makes me real happy that the story's good enough to re-read, too. I usually only reread for consistency's sake.

Hope you keep on enjoying it!

AmeliaP edit delete reply
O__O It's stunning! +Sub
joeyballast edit delete reply
Thank you very much!
melaredblu edit delete reply
Rhea's unamused expressions are basically the most perfect thing. And assuming Kyler is not, in fact, mistaken about where the battery goes (and I will refrain from making the obvious cringe-inducing jokes about the "wrong port"), it's kind of nice to see him get to be smart.
joeyballast edit delete reply
I get the feeling that this is Rhea's favourite expression. Just seems to be universally applicable at the moment.

And sadly enough Kyler's still sitting on Rhea's chest. Cato's the one under the cloak hookin' up the battery. I was gonna have Kyler's hand somewhere in the third panel but forgot.

I SHOULD have a situation where Kyler can shine sooner or later, though. I mean, he WAS selected as an apprentice so he's gotta have something goin' for him. Unless there are yet more ulterior motives at play in the selection process...