Comic 352 - Cato 3.8.14
21st Nov 2017, 3:14 PM in Book three, Chapter eight - Untitled
Cato 3.8.14
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Author Notes:
joeyballast edit delete
Coloured page tomorrow. More panels and trying to slow down and ink correctly means taking a bit more time on the black and whites.

Kyler being the master of all things rude, is signing 'shut up' in panel 4. It'll come across better once it's coloured, I'm sure!
User comments:
Thracecius (Guest) edit delete reply
HA! Kyler knows the score. Good job, kid!

It looks like Rhea's stalling has been to good effect, but has it been long enough?
joeyballast edit delete reply
At the very least it's been long enough for someone to get within arm's reach. Option A: escape. Option B: sweet, sweet, bloody, angry vengeance.
Thracecius (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't think we're lucky enough for Option B, but I approve of the notion - squished gang leader! So long as he can't use that saw, that was obviously retrieved to cut Rhea out of her "shell", it will go over well enough if she doesn't get shot in the face or the kids discovered.

My guess is a best efforts escape might be possible, hopefully with Rhea, Cato, Kyler AND the battery all included.
AmeliaP edit delete reply
Nobody rated this page? What? Aw, c'mon, guys! it's just two second to click on a little button. I barely sleep and I can hit the button.
go... there...hit...the... buuuuuuttooooon.
joeyballast edit delete reply
I don't think most of my reader base is much for voting, sadly enough :)

But that's fine.