Comic 411 - Cato 3.10.15
6th Oct 2018, 5:09 PM in Book three, Chapter ten - Wyrm
Cato 3.10.15
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Author Notes:
joeyballast edit delete
Next page (or maybe the one after?) things go yet further downhill.
User comments:
argylefox edit delete reply
Downhill from here? Oh dear.
joeyballast edit delete reply

Not just downhill, but, like, super weird.
Thracecius (Guest) edit delete reply
Don't worry, it's only going to be downhill for part of Rhea. ;)

I can't believe I had the stomach to say that, truly. :(
joeyballast edit delete reply
You had the stomach to say that because it's hilarious! ;)
Thracecius (Guest) edit delete reply
Morbid humor and I are not total strangers, but I do try to reserve it for hopeless situations or serious frustration. That being said, I wouldn't be unhappy if Rhea escaped death here, but I don't expect it to happen.
MadMango edit delete reply
That would be my preference as well. Like you, however, I feel it's unlikely.
joeyballast edit delete reply
Yup. Super unlikely :(
AmeliaP edit delete reply
Your style changed a little bit (which is great too). Maybe it's this complex and detailed painting style you're using.
joeyballast edit delete reply
it has changed a little bit, yeah. I've been doing more and more drawing and finishing more and more pieces to try and get a portfolio up and running, so that's kinda coming through in the comic.