Comic 343 - Cato 3.8.7
3rd Oct 2017, 9:30 PM in Book three, Chapter eight - Untitled
Cato 3.8.7
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Author Notes:
joeyballast edit delete
High five, invisible helper bug!
User comments:
melaredblu edit delete reply
I haven't seen anybody this grumpy about their life being saved since I watched The Incredibles.
joeyballast edit delete reply
More deeply suspicious about how a middle-schooler managed to jump-start a tank with a car battery.

But yeah, you're right. Also grumpy.
The Doodler edit delete reply
The Doodler
She's probably ritually indebted to these yahoos now or something.
joeyballast edit delete reply
Terrans aren't particularly big on ritual indebtment. Cato would probably agree with you, though!
Reaper Dragon edit delete reply
Reaper Dragon
She is suspicious of his technical abilitys. I wonder what she actually suspects.
joeyballast edit delete reply
I'm not really sure WHAT she suspects at this point. It's a little up in the air as to what she even really knows about the situation.
Thracecius (Guest) edit delete reply
I don't think anyone in her situation could possibly have made it to the stage where she has suspicions about technical abilities yet, only sheer bafflement as to how these two yoyos manage to not die at any given moment. :D
joeyballast edit delete reply
'Yoyos' is probably the best way to describe them, yes :D

Hooray for consistently cheating death!
AmeliaP edit delete reply
She couldn't ask for more. She has a personal mechanic!
joeyballast edit delete reply
Definitely not in any way a CERTIFIED mechanic, however...